Monday, April 18, 2011

Isonymy in small populations

Just another follow up on the responses to my isonymy poster presentation:  one comment that came up a few times was from both students and professors was that they would love to use isonymy in their own work, but since they were working with a single population it was impractical.  In those cases, I recommend two articles by Lasker and Mascie-Taylor dealing that use isonymy at very small scales, including between and within households. 

Lasker, GW and Mascie-Taylor CGN,  2001, The genetic structure of English villages:  surname diversity changes between 1976 and 1997.  Annals of Human Biology, 28 (5): 546-553.

Lasker, GW, 1997, Census versus sample data in isonymy studies:  relationship at short distances.  Human Biology, 69 (5): 733-738.

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